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1902 Persian Silver 5 Rials

1902 Persian Silver 5 Rials

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Size:   22.72 grams

Materials: Silver

Date: Muzaffar al-Din Shah, 1902

The 1902 Persian 5 Rials coin was a silver coin issued by the Imperial Bank of Persia during the Qajar dynasty. The coin had a diameter of approximately 37mm and a weight of approximately 23g.

The obverse side of the coin typically features the portrait of the reigning ruler during that time. As the coin was minted in 1902, the portrait would likely be that of Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar, who was the Shah of Iran from 1896 to 1907. The portrait shows the ruler facing right and wearing traditional Persian attire, including a crown or headdress. Surrounding the portrait, you may find inscriptions in the Persian language, denoting the ruler's name, title, and other relevant information.

The reverse side of the coin commonly depicts the Persian lion and sun emblem, which is a recurring symbol in Persian coinage. The emblem consists of a lion holding a sword and standing in front of a radiant sun. This design represents strength, power, and the Persian heritage.

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