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Ancient Greek Hellenistic Lion’s Head Earring

Ancient Greek Hellenistic Lion’s Head Earring

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Weight :1.26 grams. 

Materials: Gold

Date: Hellenistic Period, 4th–3rd century BCE

Provenance: From a Canadian Collection, acquired in the 2010s.

Ancient Greek Hellenistic lion's head earrings were ornate and symbolic pieces of jewelry that featured lion motifs.

The lion's head earrings were typically made of precious metals gold, reflecting the wealth and luxury of the wearer.

The earrings featured the distinctive representation of a lion's head as the central design element. The lion's head was intricately crafted to capture the fierce and majestic characteristics of the animal. It showcased the lion's mane, facial features, and expressive details such as open jaws, eyes, and ears.

The earrings were often made in pairs, and they were worn by inserting the earring wire through the earlobe and securing it with a clasp. This is a single earring.

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