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Ancient Roman Glass Bead Necklace

Ancient Roman Glass Bead Necklace

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Weight: 90 grams, 26cm

Materials: Glass

Date: Roman, 1st - 2nd Century AD

Provenance: Acquired by a Canadian collector in 2020. 

An ancient Roman glass bead necklace is a piece of jewelry from the time of the Roman Empire that features a string or chain of beads made of glass.

The necklace consists of glass beads as the primary decorative elements. The beads are made of glass, which was a popular material in ancient Rome for its beauty and versatility. The glass used in Roman beads could have various colors, including vibrant blues, greens, yellows, reds, and whites.

The glass beads in the necklace come in various shapes and sizes, adding visual interest and diversity to the overall design. Common shapes include spherical, cylindrical, disc-shaped, or tubular forms. The sizes of the beads can vary, ranging from small seed beads to larger focal beads.

Ancient Roman glass beads were renowned for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Some beads may feature patterns created by incorporating different colored glass or decorative elements like trails, dots, or marveled patterns.

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