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17th - 18th Century AD Ancient Islamic Gold Bracelet

17th - 18th Century AD Ancient Islamic Gold Bracelet

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Materials: Gold

Date: Islamic, 17th - 18th Century AD

Size: 12.23 grams, 73mm 

Provenance: Acquired from a British Collector in the 2020s, formerly with the Mayfair Gallery.

The 17th to 18th century AD corresponds to the early modern period in Islamic history, known as the Ottoman Empire. Gold bracelets were among the various types of jewelry produced and worn by people in this era.

Islamic gold bracelets from this period typically exhibit exquisite craftsmanship and often feature intricate designs and motifs inspired by Islamic art and calligraphy. These bracelets were commonly made using techniques such as filigree, engraving, and repoussé. They were crafted by skilled goldsmiths and were often adorned with gemstones, enamelwork, or granulation.

Hollow-formed gold bracelet finely band of repousse floral ornament throughout. This bracelet features a tubular clasp and center hinge. Clasp is missing pin. Throughout history, gold has been valued for its rarity and beauty. It is often used to make jewelry and decorative items worn by men and women alike and passed down from generation to generation. 

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