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19th Century Turkmani Necklace

19th Century Turkmani Necklace

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Size: 75.25 grams, 27cm length

Materials: Silver

Date: Turkmani, 19th Century

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian collection in the 2010s.

This Turkmani necklace features a combination of finely engraved silver pieces and beads - each with its own unique design - and glass beading. Turkmani necklaces are typically made of metals such as silver, gold, or brass and feature intricate designs and patterns. They also incorporate other materials such as beads, stones, and enamel. 

Turkoman necklaces typically feature intricate metalwork, including silver, and often incorporate gemstones, enamel, or glass accents. The designs often showcase geometric patterns, filigree work, and symbolic motifs that hold cultural and traditional significance within the Turkoman community.

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