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Banco de Portugal $100 Bill

Banco de Portugal $100 Bill

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Materials: Paper

Date: Portugal, 1984

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian Collector.

Prominently featured on the obverse side of the banknote is a figure or symbol of historical significance to Portugal. This representation serves as a visual link to the nation's heritage, honoring its past achievements and celebrating its cultural identity.

The banknote's design is a testament to artistic excellence and attention to detail. Intricate patterns, ornate borders, and finely crafted typography reflect the craftsmanship that went into its creation. These embellishments elevate the banknote from a mere financial instrument to a work of art.

On the reverse side of the banknote, scenes or symbols often pay tribute to Portugal's natural beauty, landmarks, or economic activities. These depictions offer a glimpse into the nation's diverse landscapes and the contributions it has made to the world.

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