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Byzantine Silver Horse Harness

Byzantine Silver Horse Harness

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Weight: 27 grams.

Materials: Silver

Date: Byzantine, 6th - 8th Century AD

Provenance: Acquired from a British Collector.

A Byzantine silver horse harness refers to a piece of equestrian equipment used during the Byzantine Empire. It was specifically designed for horses and consisted of various components made of silver, which were used to decorate and protect the horse while it was harnessed for various purposes, such as transportation, military campaigns, or ceremonial events.

The use of silver in the horse harness not only served a functional purpose but also symbolized the wealth, status, and power of the rider or owner. It was common for the Byzantine elite, including emperors, high-ranking officials, and nobility, to adorn their horses with luxurious silver harnesses as a display of their prestige and grandeur.

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