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Cut Yellow Topaz Gemstones

Cut Yellow Topaz Gemstones

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Weight: 24 carats

Lot of cut yellow topaz gemstones, sourced from Afghanistan. 

Clarity: Slightly Included: Some inclusions visible to the naked/unaided eye. 

Cut Yellow Topaz gemstones are polished and shaped gemstones that have undergone the cutting process to enhance their appearance and showcase their beautiful golden-yellow color. Topaz is a popular gemstone known for its durability and attractive hues.
Cut Yellow Topaz gemstones exhibit a warm and vibrant golden-yellow color. The shade of yellow can vary, ranging from light and pastel tones to deep and intense hues. The gemstone's color is often associated with warmth, energy, and optimism. When properly cut and polished, Yellow Topaz gemstones showcase a brilliant and captivating glow.

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