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Gothic Gilt Buckle

Gothic Gilt Buckle

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Size: 12.38 grams

Materials: Silver, Gold Leaf

Date: Gothic, 5th - 6th century AD

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian Collection. 

A Gothic gilt buckle is a type of decorative buckle that incorporates elements of the Gothic style and is finished with a gilt (gold-colored) coating. Buckles have been used throughout history as functional fasteners for belts or straps, but they have also served as fashion accessories and symbols of wealth and status.

The Gothic style originated in the Middle Ages and was characterized by its ornate and intricate designs, often featuring pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and elaborate tracery. In the context of a Gothic gilt buckle, these design elements would be incorporated into the shape, pattern, or engraving of the buckle itself.

This gothic gilt belt buckle is rectangular in shape, with a rounded fastening mechanism that would have attached to a belt. The silver buckle is coated in a thin layer of gold leaf, a process known as gilding. This buckle is nicely patinated. 

These buckles were mainly used for the suspension of weapons across the body, or from a secondary belt from the waist. At the same time, they have been found in contexts which suggest their use for the horse harness as well.

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