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Opal Pear Shape Set

Opal Pear Shape Set

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This enchanting set of pear-shaped opals, with a total weight of 15.35 carats (or 3.07 grams), is a true testament to nature's artistry. Each opal in the set showcases a unique and captivating play of color, making them perfect for creating exquisite jewelry pieces.

Opal 1:

  • Dimensions: 15.66mm in length, 11.31mm in width, and 9.45mm in depth
  • Description: This opal exhibits a vibrant array of colors, with flashes of blues, greens, and reds that dance across its surface. The depth and brilliance of this opal make it a stunning centerpiece for a pendant or ring.

Opal 2:

  • Dimensions: 17.34mm in length, 14.17mm in width, and 7.77mm in depth
  • Description: Slightly larger, this opal features a rich palette of colors, including fiery oranges and serene purples. Its substantial size and mesmerizing play of light make it ideal for a statement piece of jewelry.

These opals are perfect for creating a coordinated set of jewelry, such as matching earrings and a pendant, or individually as standout pieces. Their pear shape enhances the natural beauty of the opals, creating an elegant and graceful silhouette.

The harmonious blend of size, shape, and color in this set makes it a versatile and luxurious choice for any fine jewelry collection. The opals' exceptional quality and enchanting hues ensure that they will be admired and cherished for generations to come.

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