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Pear Shape Opal

Pear Shape Opal

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This exquisite pear-shaped opal is a remarkable gemstone, boasting dimensions of 25.65mm in length, 19.812mm in width, and a depth of 10.16mm. Weighing an impressive 21.45 carats (or 4.29 grams), this opal is a true statement piece.

Renowned for its captivating play of color, this opal displays a stunning array of hues, from vibrant blues and greens to fiery reds and oranges, which shimmer and shift with every movement. The pear shape accentuates the gemstone's natural beauty, creating a graceful and elegant silhouette that draws the eye.

Perfect for creating a standout piece of jewelry, this opal is ideal for a bold pendant or an extraordinary ring. Its substantial size and mesmerizing color patterns make it a truly unique and luxurious addition to any fine jewelry collection.

Whether set in a contemporary or classic design, this pear-shaped opal adds an element of sophistication and enchantment. Its exceptional quality and captivating beauty ensure that it will be cherished and admired for generations to come.

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