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Pink Sapphire Cushion Cut

Pink Sapphire Cushion Cut

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This exquisite cushion-cut pink sapphire is a gem of exceptional beauty, measuring 8.27mm in length and 6.052mm in width, with a depth of 3.74904mm. Weighing 1.50 carats (or 0.31 grams), this gemstone showcases a vibrant pink hue that is both captivating and elegant.

The cushion cut, known for its soft, rounded corners and larger facets, enhances the sapphire's natural brilliance and depth of color. The precise proportions of this cut create a mesmerizing play of light, ensuring the gemstone sparkles with every movement.

Ideal for creating a sophisticated piece of jewelry, this pink sapphire is perfect for a delicate ring, an elegant pendant, or a pair of refined earrings. Its harmonious blend of size, weight, and color makes it a versatile and timeless choice for any jewelry design.

This pink sapphire's exceptional quality and enchanting hue make it a cherished addition to any fine jewelry collection, offering a touch of luxury and elegance that will be admired for years to come.

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