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Pink Sapphire duo

Pink Sapphire duo

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This enchanting set of pink sapphires features two meticulously cut stones, each showcasing a stunning pink hue that exudes elegance and charm.

Small Pink Sapphire: Measuring 5.58mm x 6.858mm with a depth of 3.302mm and weighing 1.30 carats, this petite gemstone is perfect for adding a touch of delicate sophistication to any piece of jewelry. Its vibrant color and precise cut enhance its natural brilliance, making it an ideal choice for rings, pendants, or earrings.

Big Pink Sapphire: The larger gemstone in this duo measures 6.858mm x 10.16mm with a depth of 4.572mm and weighs 3.10 carats. Its substantial size and exquisite cut maximize its radiant sparkle and deep, alluring color. This stone is perfect for creating a statement piece, such as a pendant or a cocktail ring, that captures attention and exudes luxury.

Together, these pink sapphires offer versatility and timeless beauty, whether used separately or combined in a matching set. Their captivating hues and exceptional quality make them a perfect addition to any fine jewelry collection.

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