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Ancient Finds

Roman Golden Ring with Empress Intaglio

Roman Golden Ring with Empress Intaglio

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Size: 3.45 grams.

Materials: Gold, Stone

Date: Roman, 2nd - 4th Century AD

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian Private Collection.

Ancient Roman era gold ring featuring an image of an empress carved into glass stone. The impression shows a clear image of the empress. The glass stone is set in a gold. Intaglios were popular during the Roman era and were often used as seals or personal adornments.

In the context of a Roman golden ring, the term "Empress" refers to a female ruler or the wife of an Emperor, Roman Empresses

The ring itself would be made of gold, a metal highly valued by the Romans for its beauty and prestige.

The intaglio on the ring would have been created by carving into a gemstone band. 

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