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Roman Lamp with a fantastic Beast by Quintus Ivstvs

Roman Lamp with a fantastic Beast by Quintus Ivstvs

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Size: 160 grams

Materials: Ceramic

Date: Roman, 3rd-4th century A.D

Provenance: Acquired from a British collection in the 2020s.

A ceramic oil lamp with a broad body and short nozzle, lug handle to the rear; decorated with low-relief foliage and a rampant beast; underside with maker's inscription 'QVN/ IVSPI/ ORETC[M]/NS[.]'.

The Roman Lamp with a Fantastic Beast is an ancient Roman artifact believed to have been crafted by Quintus Ivstvs. The lamp is made of bronze and is shaped like a fantastical creature with a long snout, pointed ears, and a curly tail.

The creature is depicted in a crouching position, with its front paws outstretched and wings spread wide. The lamp's oil well is located at the base of the creature's tail, while the wick would have been placed in the creature's mouth. 

This group (Bussière D X 10 lamps of Loeschcke type VIII) shows various unusual shoulder decorations: vine tendrils, connected spirals, garlands, rows of dots, mouldings, angular lines forming a row of plain triangles, small heart-shaped motifs, and rows of ornate triangles. 

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