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This extraordinary tourmaline gemstone is a captivating example of nature's artistry. Measuring 23.52mm in length and 8.27mm in width, this tourmaline weighs an impressive 17.40 carats (or 3.48 grams), making it a significant and eye-catching piece.

The tourmaline's slender yet substantial form is enhanced by its vibrant and rich color, which ranges from deep greens to mesmerizing pinks, depending on the specific variety. Its clarity and brilliance are brought to life by expert cutting, which maximizes the gemstone's natural sparkle and ensures a dazzling play of light.

Ideal for creating a luxurious and standout piece of jewelry, this tourmaline is perfect for a striking pendant, an elegant ring, or a sophisticated bracelet. Its impressive size and exquisite quality make it a cherished addition to any fine jewelry collection.

This tourmaline's combination of impressive dimensions, weight, and vibrant color ensures it will be admired and treasured for years to come. Whether set in a contemporary or classic design, this gemstone adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any jewelry piece.

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