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19th Century Silver Turkoman Earrings

19th Century Silver Turkoman Earrings

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Weight: 125g, 9cm width

Materials: Silver, gemstones

Date: Turkoman, 19th Century AD

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian collector in the 2010s.

Silver Turkoman earrings from the 19th century were popular adornments among the Turkoman tribes in Central Asia.

The earrings are primarily made of silver, which was the dominant metal used in their construction. The silver used is often of high purity, and the earrings may be embellished with additional materials such as enamel, gemstones, or glass accents for added ornamentation.

Turkoman earrings typically feature a distinctive design characterized by intricate metalwork and unique shapes. They are often large and visually striking, with elaborate details and decorative elements. The designs are heavily influenced by Turkoman culture and can include geometric patterns, filigree work, and symbolic

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