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Turkoman Tekke Cuff Bracelets

Turkoman Tekke Cuff Bracelets

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Weight: 512 grams, 8.1cm.

Materials: Silver, Gold, Agate 

Date: Afghanistan, 19th Century AD

Provence: Acquired by a Canadian Collector in the 2010s.

Tekke jewelry from the Tekke tribe of southern Turkmenistan and northern Afghanistan. The bracelets are characterized by a symmetrical design with a contrast between gold and silver. A thin layer of gilding is applied to the silver base.

They are adorned with ornate patterns, geometric shapes, and symbols that hold significance in Turkoman culture. The intricate designs are created using techniques such as engraving, filigree, and inlay work, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of Turkoman artisans.

Turkoman Tekke cuff bracelets hold cultural and symbolic value within the Turkoman community. They are traditionally worn as part of ceremonial attire, serving as a symbol of wealth, social status, and cultural identity.


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