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Roman Solid Silver Arm Ring

Roman Solid Silver Arm Ring

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Size: 150 grams, 11-72 mm

Materials: Silver

Date: Roman, 2nd - 4th Century AD

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian private collection.

A unique piece of jewelry that combines the elements of a double-arm ring and the imagery of a dragon, popularly found in Roman art and mythology. This type of ring have been crafted during the time of the Roman Empire, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship and artistic expression of the period.

The double-arm ring style consists of a band that wraps around the upper arm, with each end forming a separate ring that encircles the forearm.

The design of the dragon on the ring would showcase the skill of the Roman artisans, and it feature intricate detailing

The bracelet is in good condition with no breakage or previous repairs.

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