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Western Asiatic Rimmed Silver Bowl

Western Asiatic Rimmed Silver Bowl

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Size: 698 grams 16.5 cm wide

Materials: Silver

Date: Western Asia, 1st Millenium BC

Provenance: Acquired by Canadian collector in the 1980s.

A Western Asiatic rimmed silver bowl is an ancient artifact that dates back to the Bronze Age or the Iron Age in Western Asia, which is the region encompassing present-day Iran, Iraq, Syria, and parts of Turkey.

The bowl is typically made of silver and has a raised rim with decorative patterns. These bowls were produced by skilled metalworkers who used a combination of techniques, such as hammering, chasing, and repoussé, to create intricate designs on the surface of the bowl. The designs often included geometric patterns, animal motifs, and scenes from mythology and everyday life.

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